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Workshop Cyber for C-Suite

CHF 1,500.00



This vendor-independent workshop provides you:

1 Threat
An overview of the current threat landscape and insights in the expected evolution in coming years, based on advancements in technology, business processes and adversaries. What motivates your adversaries and which methods do they use? Assume breach.

2 Risk
A primer on cyber risk management and what a CEO really needs to know. About protection through understanding the key assets of the organisation and their risk of being compromised. How to integrate the cyber risk into the business risk? About Frameworks and critical preventive controls and managing the risks instead of hiding them.

3 Organise
A frank and candid discussion on what to expect from your CISO. Do you want the cyber risks to be made visible to you or taken care of for you? Where to position the CISO in your organization and what resources to allocate? Which are the KPIs and reporting mechanisms you should expect? How frequently do you want to see these reported to you? How to set up intelligence, prevention, detection and response mechanisms, processes and systems? How to recruit and retain specialised cyber staff in an extremely competitive environment?

4 Before the Dust Settles – Leading through a Crisis
Have a crisis response plan before the crisis hits. Comply with regulations on data asset management, impact assessment, pseudonymization and encryption as well as reporting obligations (NIS, GDPR). How to behave during a cyber incident? Who needs to be involved and when?
Who is in the lead during the crisis? What to say to your staff, your clients, the press and when? Cooperation with law enforcement: opportunities and pitfalls. Exercises and exchange of best practices with your peers.

5 Your Digital Footprint – Why Does It Matter?
A session on personal IT hygiene and managing your (and your executives’) social media footprint. How to be secure while travelling? How to safeguard your devices, your data and your credentials? With practical guidance based FD on the actual footprint of the participants and recommendations for mitigation.


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Event Details

Date: 27 March 2018

Start time: 09:00

End time: 17:30

Venue: Hilton Zurich Airport Hotel

Coordinates: 47°26'13.2"N 8°34'19.6"E

Directions: Directions to the Hotel: Genf/Bern(A1)/Basel(A3)/Lucerne(A4)/Chur(A3) -> Zürich-Flughafen(A1-A4) -> Flughafen-Bülach(A51) -> Ausfahrt Nr.8 Glattbrugg-Kloten -> Turn Right to Kloten -> Turn Right on Hohenbuehlstrasse Hotel Airport Shuttle available from 5.30am to 11.30pm every 20/30 min. Transportation time to / from the hotel: 5 min. Up to 300 parking spaces available at the hotel.

Phone: +41 44 8285050

Email: *protected email*

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