SIGS Special Event in Geneva – Catch Cyber Attacker and more deep insides from the Dark Net

Target Audience Information Security Professionals
CIO’s, CISO, IT Manager, Security Officer, Security Architects and Engineers – all from end customer side who are interested in IT Security

From Consultancies and Resellers/Integrators are only technical peoples allowed to take part. Vendors and people with a Sales/Marketing role are not authorized as participants.

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Location Maison International des Associations
15, rue des Savoises
1205 Genève

Date of Event 9th of December 2016

Language English

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1:30 – 2:00 Registration & Apéro
2:00 – 2:30 Introduction from Brian and Maurits, two Dark Net researchers from US/Canada and Amsterdam

What’s going on in the Deep & Dark Web
Short Introduction into the Deep & Dark Web and everything you need to know about the hidden internet, which is much larger than the parts of the web you use every day

Brian Hein is a Director of Strategic Initiatives at Flashpoint. A native German who now divides his time between the USA and Canada, Brian has extensive experience in both intelligence research and technology. On Flashpoint’s Strategy Team, Brian is dedicated to helping business leaders extract timely, relevant insights from the Deep & Dark Web to facilitate more effective decisions around risk. Prior to joining Flashpoint, Brian worked as a Senior Analyst in the office of the CTO for Hewlett Packard, where he specialized in attribution and research on nation state actors.

As the Subject Matter Excpert for Threat Intelligence Sharing, Brian then became a founding member of HP Security Research (HPSR). His expertise and passion for security research have afforded him numerous opportunities to brief executive teams as well as large enterprises, industry associations, foreign governments, and the European Parliament on topics ranging from the monetization of stolen credit card data to the analysis of threat actors operating within the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Maurits Lucas is a Director of Strategic Initiatives at Flashpoint. As a member of the Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) team, Maurits specializes in bridging the gap between technology and business to address the unique security challenges often faced by today’s executives. He has dedicated himself to analyzing long-term trends and emerging threats emanating from the Deep & Dark Web to help business leaders across the enterprise leverage such information to make informed decisions and mitigate risk.

Previously, Maurits lead the cyber intelligence team at one of Europe’s oldest cybersecurity firms. He was the driving force behind a collaborative portal and unique approach to cyber intelligence. Maurits is a subject matter expert on cybercrime and has had the pleasure of presenting his research numerous times to distinguished audiences all across the globe.

2:30 – 3:00 Gregory Cardiet, Security Engineer at Vectra Networks

Catch an Active Cyber Attack
Cyber attackers operate undetected for an average of 146 days and obtain admin credentials in less than 3. The complexity and velocity of attacks is increasing whilst traditional security capabilities become overwhelmed. Detecting active attacks, reducing dwell time and accelerating incident response is a top priority.

In this session you will learn how a machine learning powered, behavioral analytics approach can automate the detection of in-progress cyber-attacks within your network. Vectra will then share how to integrate this capability into your existing security technology stack to force multiply your security response capabilities, and close your cyber detection gap.

3:00 – 3:45 Coffee Break
3:45 – 6:00 Two stories and Dark Net Workshop where you can ask, whatever you like to know

Cybercriminals finally move past Willie Sutton
by Maurits

I am developing malware for more than 20 years. My story began on an MS DOS 3.1 computer and concludes in today’s smartphones, interconnected cars and IoT devices: Our company is developing malware for our customers to determine security flaws in an environment. These malware tests are highly sophisticated and address every layer of holistic IT security. This talk is going to present the issues a malware developer has to face. And it demonstrates what kind of security measures are the best to prevent malware from being successful.

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest – revisited – Iran’s Nation State Actor Groups
by Brian

Morteza Khazamipour (also known as “Mormoroth”), Ali Abbasi (also known as “bl4ckic3”), Yashar Shahinzadeh (“Sc0rpion“) had quite a track record with alleged involvement into OpAbabil and the attacks against the US Financial sector in 2012 simultaneously went silent in 2014 and are now slowly reappearing on the internet in 2016 – the talk will explore what happened in 2014 and how things have evolved in 2016 and provide an outlook based on talent, education and capacity.

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6:00 – open end Apéro Riche & Networking
The speakers will be onsite for Q&A

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