Provide platforms to gain real added value
Priority of our platforms is to provide real added value and personal benefit. In an ongoing process we try to educate vendors not to do sales presentations, but find professional speakers who provide the audience with industry know how and best practices.

Bring new technology faster to Switzerland
To ensure fast adoption of new technologies/vendors to the Swiss market, platforms like the SIGS Technology Conference (day event) offer special sponsor packages for emerging vendors.

Boost cooperation’s and collaborations with other security institutions
(ISC)2 and ENISA are event partners at the SIGS Technology Conference. For 2016 further cooperation’s with FS-ISAC, ISF and Swiss Cyber Storm are currently in process. In the future we`d like to concentrate their know how in one united platform.

Boost cooperation’s and collaborations with other countries
We will bring participants from other countries to events in Switzerland to expand the knowledge transfer over boarders.

Improve the information flow from technology areas like Silicon Valley and Israel etc.

Build special interest groups
We build special interest groups for topics like Security Awareness, Security Operation Center, SCADA etc. to enable a closer and better collaboration among professionals (even across boarders)

Building buying associations
We support partnerships of different companies to build buying associations. By this the risk to work with startups is minimized. Also it opens up new possibilities for small enterprises.

We will unite all
security professionals
across Switzerland
in the fight against
cybercrime and
information security