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How to measure the performance of IAM

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Date of Event 19th June 2020, 2:00 pm
1 hour maybe a bit longer (depends on the Q&A session)
Special We hope to have interactive discussions and therefore each question/comment during the webinar is very appreciated!
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2:00 – 2:30 pm David Doret, IAM & PAM Manager at BNP Paribas
David Doret is a veteran cybersecurity and IAM expert. He held twice the CISO position, served as Corporate Risk Committee board member for financial institutions and spent several years leading a consulting practice for all sizes of clients in diverse industries.

Today, he works as Deputy CISO and IAM manager at BNP Paribas. Besides, he manages the Open-Measure community wiki for IAM professionals and leads a research project on IAM performance measurement.

How to measure the performance of IAM
We lack scientific research on how organizations measure their performance in the field of IAM. What are the “right” indicators that CISOs and IAM Managers should setup to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of their IAM processes? What benchmarks should they use to compare their organization’s performance with peers?

This is the focus of an on-going research project conducted as part of the Open-Measure ( initiative. While we will not provide black or white definitive answers to the above questions, we will share with you our preliminary findings and give you an opportunity to participate in our study.

2:30 – 3:00 pm Moderated Q&A session by Archana Panchal
Archana Panchal discovered her love for IT Security 9 years ago, when she joined in an Advisory capability on an IAM project. Since then she has expanded her knowledge across many more disciplines within Info Sec, but IAM remains her passion. She is lucky to have found amazing mentors who were leaders in the field, to give her an excellent foundation on the principles of IAM, which she continues to build upon today.

After working for the IAM team, followed by the CISO of a major financial firm back in NYC, and more recently working at RBS Services in a mainstream technical capacity, Archana will soon be taking up a new position within the SOC at RBS Services and is looking forward to getting back to her Security interests and contributions.

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