The Shared Threat Intelligence Platform from SIGS powered by Anomali

We are not able to provide this platform for free to everyone. But in the early phase, we will offer it for free to those companies which are willing to help set it up and will contribute information and know-how. In a later stage, we maybe need some fees from all members, but there will still be a reward system for the active contributors.

From the companies which are at present not able to provide additional information, we need to collect a small yearly subscription fee to finance this whole project:

Active Contributors for free

Information Consumer
Up to 100 million company revenue CHF 3,000 per year
Up to 1,000 million company revenue CHF 5,000 per year
Up to 10,000 million company revenue CHF 7,000 per year
Above 10,000 million company revenue CHF 9,000 per year

We promise you that – if we can earn some money – we will reinvest it into the platform, buying additional sources or hiring analysts if needed. Another possibility would be to organize trainings and workshops for members.


We will unite all
security professionals
across Switzerland
in the fight against
cybercrime and
information security