SIGS Technology Conference 2019 – Cloud Security Day 2019

All presentations are held in English


Akamai, Richard Meeus, EMEA Director of Security Technology and Strategy

Richard is Akamai’s EMEA Director of Security Technology and Strategy. With over 20 years’ experience, Richard is responsible for designing and building secure solutions for some of the world’s most influential organisations. Starting out as a hardware engineer, his career has progressed alongside the tech industry as a whole, transitioning from a hardware to a software focus.

Richard is an industry expert in cloud computing, enterprise software and network security. During his time at Akamai, Mirapoint and Prolexic, he has had a strategic role across a broad range of projects, including the transformation of the UK’s largest corporate email implementation, and the deployment of DDoS solutions for multinational organisations to protect critical infrastructure and sensitive data. He is a chartered member of the BCS and CISSP, and is a thought leader in the industry.

Forrester, Laura Koetzle, VP, Group Director Serving Security & Risk Professionals

Laura leads the research organization that serves Infrastructure & Operations Professionals, Security & Risk Professionals, and Sourcing & Vendor Management Professionals. Her team's research agenda encompasses designing, building, operating, securing, and sourcing the systems, technologies, and processes that firms need to win, serve, and retain customers.

Previous Work Experience
Previously at Forrester, Laura was the Global Council leader for Forrester's CIO Group and launched Forrester's Information & Knowledge Management Council. She has also served as research director for both the I&O and S&R research teams. As a Security & Risk analyst, Laura researched operating system security, security architecture, network security, and security incident response, and she served as the chairperson for Forrester's inaugural Security Forum event.

Prior to joining Forrester, Laura was a senior technologist at Razorfish, a New York consultancy, where she led teams of software developers responsible for eCommerce fulfillment systems, wireless content delivery applications, and real-time trading system interfaces for Fortune 500 clients. Before working at Razorfish, Laura built XML content management systems at PC World Communications in San Francisco. While living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Laura worked as a translator.

Laura's work has enjoyed wide exposure in the media, including BusinessWeek, The Economist, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Laura has also appeared on CBC, CNN, CNBC, and Reuters Television, and she is a frequent speaker at national and international executive conferences.

Laura holds a B.A. in literature and a certificate in Latin American studies from Harvard University. She also attended the University of Buenos Aires.

Cloud Security, The Next Five Years: Regulatory Balkanization

Amazon’s EC2 service is now a teenager, and today, the default question for most new applications is “Why shouldn’t I build this in the cloud?” And if we adhere to security and privacy by design principles and take advantage of all the controls available from cloud providers, we can achieve security that’s as good or better than what most organizations can achieve in their own infrastructure given resource constraints.

So, onward and upward, right? Yes, but: regulation will force (geographic) fragmentation. Our biggest challenges will revolve around ensuring that data follows the rules about where it can live and be used. This will drive cost and complexity for organizations working across regulatory boundaries.

In this session, we’ll look at the possible solutions to these complexities and their timelines.

Kaspersky Lab, Marco Preuss, Director of European Research and Analysis Team

Marco was appointed Director of Europe for the company’s Global Research & Analysis Team in March 2013. Prior to becoming Director of Europe, Marco served as the Head of Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research & Analysis Team in Germany and Senior Security Researcher.

Marco has been working in the area of networking and IT security since the early 2000s. Having a long time experience in his role, he is responsible for monitoring the threat landscape in Europe while specializing in threat intelligence, darknet research, password security, IoT security and privacy. In addition to research-related projects, Marco is a regular speaker at both closed and public events, and maintains close contact with security partners.

Marco began his career with Kaspersky Lab back in 2004 as a Technical Consultant, providing expert knowledge on Linux and Unix-based systems. He has also been involved in corporate sales management, before moving on to become the technical contact for the OEM department, supporting customized solutions. Marco worked extensively with the company’s product design and development teams and joined the research team as a Virus Analyst in 2009.

Zscaler, Alex Teteris, Principal Technologist • EMEA Advisor for Strategic Business

Alex Teteris has more than 20years experiences in IT leadership roles, mainly in positions around Network Delivery and Security Operations. He was three years the Global Head of Network, Security and Datacenter for a larger Swiss Chemical Company with over 18,000 user. Since June 2018 he is part of the Zscaler team as the Principal Technologist and Evangelist for EMEA.

A CIO Challenge: Securing a Cloud-first Network

In this session you will learn how the world will change within the digital transformation and what this means for IT Security. With applications moving to the cloud and employees leaving the corporate network for increased flexibility of work, the Internet is becoming the new corporate network and the cloud the new data center.

This means digitisation goes along with a network architecture paradigm shift: The old IT world of Hub& Spoke networks competes against modern requirements of local Internet breakouts at each location with direct to Internet access. Companies must adapt their security and network infrastructure accordingly to cope with the new requirements of the cloud.


Check Point, Stephan Fritsche, Cloud Security & IaaS Manager

Stephan Fritsche, Dipl. Ing. (FH) Computer engineering, started his career after graduating as a specialist for routing and switching systems, followed by business development positions at system integrators and a distributor. At Nortel Networks, he held various channel positions, including managing large partners and being responsible for 2-tier business in Germany. At Cisco, he guided large partners into the data center and cloud world. For the last few years he has consulted customers as a Product Sales Specialist in the Data Center & Cloud sector. In 2017, he stared working at Check Point Software Technologies and took over responsibility for the Cloud business in Central Europe.

Security in the Cloud – Different solutions for Migration & Cloud Natives

Which concept is the best for Lift & Shift, Cloud Native and Re-Architect. Deploy the right architecture, protect the network data plane and control plane.

  • How to protect assets in the cloud from the most sophisticated cyberthreats with dynamic scalability, intelligent provisioning and consistent control across physical and virtual networks, ensuring you can embrace the cloud with confidence
  • How to ensure visibility, continuous compliance, active protection and threat detection in the public cloud
  • How to secure SaaS from most sophisticated malware and zero-day threats while easily preventing account breaches

Cloud Security Alliance, Linda Strick, Director CSA EMEA

The Code of Conduct for GDPR - Compliance in Cloud Computing

This session will provide best practise and hand-on in security and privacy related issues for cloud computing.

Kudelski Security, Giulio Faini, Cybersecurity Architect

Giulio is currently a cybersecurity architect at Kudelski Security. Previously, Giulio has had a successful career as a technical leader with twenty years of consultancy experience in different security areas and a track record of delivering projects from design to execution.

He started his career as an academician in cryptology and security before moving into a more practical side of technology across different industry sectors and countries.

Adopting Cloud Applications (Panel and Q&A)

For this panel, we will discuss how Cloud security and IT practices are evolving to host Business applications. Throughout this discussion we will review some of these topics:

  • Security considerations in selecting and integrating Apps in SaaS/IaaS/PaaS environments
  • Cloud security checklist for Apps adoption
  • Future trends

NTT Security, Franck Braunstedter, Senior Manager Cyber Defence & Cloud Security

Franck Braunstedter currently heads the cloud security & cyber defence teams at NTT Security. Previously he was head of cyber security for an international biotech company headquartered in Switzerland. Franck has 20 years IT security background and has implemented several cloud migration projects. As cloud security specialist, he focuses on compliance automation, continuous configuration and DevOps, ensuring security teams are participating as active business enablers in current IT transformation projects and not as show stoppers.

Compliance and Security Automation for Cloud Environments

Compliance Automation and Configuration Automation are a must have for cloud environments. This ensures a hardened infrastructure and full compliance and helps to rapid response. But the implementation of these solutions is typically very complex.
NTT Security illustrates the challenges in practice and demonstrates the benefits of the two automation technologies, if successfully integrated and working “hand in hand”.

Qualys, Leif Kremkow, Director Technology

Leif Kremkow, Director Technology, Qualys has been with Qualys for over 13 years now. Committed to working with Qualys’ customers to help make the most of the Cloud Platform and its dependant services. Prior to being Director Technology, Leif worked closely with CAC40 enterprise companies as a Technical Account Manager to define custom solutions, carefully respecting corporate culture, fostering user acceptance, and documenting processes. Leif has been a speaker at various European events, such as Systems, Assises de la Sécurité, RSA Conference, InfoSec, or the CSO Interchange. A German citizen living and working in France, Leif has a Bachelor of Sciences (Hons.) in Computer Systems and Networks from the University of Plymouth in England.

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