16th till 18th of May 2017
The “little RSA Conference in Switzerland” – at least it’s our ideal!

New in 2017 three days with something for everyone – chose the one you are interested in:

16th of May 2017 DC & Cloud Day: all about Cloud Infrastructure/Cloud Security

Check the speakers here

17th of May 2017 Security Day: all about Information Security

Check the speakers here

18th of Mai 2017 Hacking Day: all about “what can happen” – increase awareness for Information Security

Check the speakers here

as well as a Startup Park at the second day. Further information please check the menue at the left side.

Information Security continues to gain importance and influence. SIGS Technology Conference will provide you with an important platform to gather information and become educated for your roadmap. We will ensure that you can create opportunities, gather and share the latest knowledge in Information Security and learn more about the relevant challenges at hand.

We will provide you three full days – each with another topic – with several parallel session where you can select the one’s which are of interest for you. In the off time you can visit the exhibitors of your interest.

If you would like to be informed about further invitations, please send us an email
and we are pleased to keep you up to date.

Gain an overview of this platform: here you will find the
presentations from the SIGS Technology Summit 2016


SIGS Technology Conference is an annual platform and the Security Interest Group Switzerland has assigned itself the task to point out the security challenges of the future. Learn how the rise in Cyber Crime is changing the way you deploy your services in future!

The summit contributes to shaping the community of Security Professionals in Switzerland and we’re happy to welcome as well our neighbor countries. Interactions with peers in security and exchanging with emerging and established vendors will keep you up to date. This is where new visionary objectives are discussed and supplies you a unique value for your strategic plans in your company. A main objective of this summit is also to bring Security Professionals closer together and to boost the know-how sharing and information exchange aspect actively.



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