Below you will find only a rough outline for the SIGS Events. The coming events will be constantly updated and are not carved in stone:

17.10.2019 Basel GRC Forum

22.10.2019 Zurich CSA Training – Certified Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

22.10.2019 Zurich Cyber Management Alliance Workshop – Cyber Incident Planning & Response

23.10.2019 Zurich Cyber Management Alliance Workshop – CIPR Cyber Playbooks

23.10.2019 Zurich OT Security Workshop

24.10.2019 Geneva Cyber Management Alliance Workshop – Cyber Incident Planning & Response

14.11.2019 Lausanne SOC Forum Lausanne


19.11.2019 Zurich Cloud Security Forum


21.11.2019 Zurich SCADA Forum


26.11.2019 Zurich IAM Forum

Not defined yet

28.11.2019 Zurich Ivan Pepelnjak’s Workshop – VMware NSX, Cisco ACI or standard-based EVPN?

03.12.2019 Zurich Ivan Pepelnjak’s Workshop – Using VXLAN And EVPN To Build Active-Active Data Centers

03.12.2019 Bern DevSecOps Forum

Not defined yet

03.12.2019 Zurich Workshop “Black Belt Pentesting/Bug Hunting Millionaire” – Mastering Web Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitation

03.12.2019 Zurich Workshop “OT Knowledge for non-OT people”

05.12.2019 Zurich SOC Forum Zurich


16.01.2020 Zurich SIGS Kick Off – IT Security Strategy 2020 and beyond: Challenges & Priorities

21.-23.01.2020 Zurich Mandiant’s Malware Analysis Crash Course

04.02.2020 Zurich IAM Forum

06.02.2020 Zurich Cloud Security Forum

06.02.2020 Zurich SCADA Forum

03.-05.03.2020 Zurich Corelan “BOOTCAMP” – Professional Exploit Development Training

10.03.2020 Zurich Ivan Pepelnjak’s Workshop – Container and Docker

10.03.2020 Zurich SOC Forum

23.-27.03.2020 Zurich Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst – Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification Training

24.03.2020 Zurich DevSecOps Forum

26.03.2020 Zurich SIGS Roundtable Afternoon

02.04.2020 Geneva Region SOC Forum

13.-14.05.2020 Regensdorf 7th SIGS Technology Conference 2020

13.-14.05.2020 Regensdorf Mandiant’s Enterprise Incident Response Training

14.05.2020 Regensdorf Mandiant’s Introduction to Cyber Crime for Executives Training

09.06.2020 Zurich IAM Forum

16.06.2020 Zurich Cloud Security Forum

18.06.2020 Zurich SCADA Forum

18.06.2020 Zurich Ivan’s Workshop

23.06.2020 Zurich DevSecOps Forum

23.06.2020 Zurich SOC Forum

25.06.2020 Geneva Region SOC Forum

18.08.2020 Thalwil SIGS Roundtable Afternoon

10.09.2020 Zurich Ivan’s Workshop

15.09.2020 Zurich SOC Forum

15.09.2020 Zurich Ivan’s Workshop

20.10.2020 (tbd – eventually Bern) DevSecOps Forum

22.10.2020 Zurich IAM Forum

03.11.2020 Zurich Cloud Security Forum

03.11.2020 Zurich SCADA Forum

12.11.2020 Geneva Region SOC Forum

19.11.2020 Zurich SIGS Roundtable Afternoon

26.11.2020 Zurich Ivan’s Workshop

01.12.2020 Zurich SOC Forum

01.12.2020 Zurich Ivan’s Workshop

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