SIGS Trainings

Below you will find only a rough outline for the SIGS trainings. We will constantly update and the dates are not carved in stone. If you have a request for another one or you know a really good trainer, please let us know!

14.04.2020 Online Certified Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) Foundation – Online Certification

14.04.2020 Online Certified Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) Plus – Online Certification

09.06.2020 Zurich OT Security Workshop

16.06.2020 Zurich Amar’s Cyber Incident Planning & Response Training

18.06.2020 Zurich Ivan’s Workshop Lean Start into Network Automation

07.09.2020 Regensdorf Paul Vixie’s “Threat Hunting Using Passive DNS”

07.09.2020 Regensdorf Ivan’s Workshop Network and Security Automation with Ansible

07.09.2020 Regensdorf Mandiant’s Introduction to Cyber Crime for Executives Training

07.-08.9.2020 Regensdorf Mandiant’s Enterprise Incident Response Training

08.09.2020 Regensdorf Freddy Dezeure’s Workshop “Frameworks, Mappings and Metrics: Optimize Your Time as CISO or Auditor”

08.09.2020 Regensdorf CSA Training – Certified Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

14.-18.09.2020 Zurich Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst – Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification Training

24.09.2020 Zurich Swiss Cyber Hackathon (CTF)

04.-06.11.2020 Zurich Mandiant’s Malware Analysis Crash Course

26.11.2020 Zurich Amar’s CIPR Cyber Playbook Training

26.11.2020 Zurich OT Security Workshop

01.12.2020 Zurich Ivan’s Workshop

01.-02.12.2020 Zurich Workshop “Black Belt Pentesting / Bug Hunting Millionaire” – Mastering Web Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitation

15.-17.12.2020 Zurich Corelan “BOOTCAMP” – Professional Exploit Development Training

23.-25.03.2021 Zurich Corelan “ADVANCED” – Professional Exploit Development Training

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