Below you will find the presentations from the CSA & SIGS Special Event April 10th, 2024:

Daniele Catteddu, Chief Technology Officer at Cloud Security Alliance The CSA AI Safety Initiative: Developing the Building Blocks for Gen-AI Service Security
Rob van der Veer, Senior Director at Software Improvement Group Crossing the chasm of AI engineering
Markus Luchsinger, Senior Cyber Risk Manager What are the risks of today’s modern LLMs
Raphael Zimmer, Head of Divison at Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) How is AI changing the cyber threat landscape?
Frank Schwaak, Field CTO EMEA at Rubrik Beyond the Horizon: Exploring AI’s Role in the future of Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience
Lars Ruddigkeit, Thought Leader in Cloud, Data & Artificial Intelligence at Global AI Hub Why Model Explainability is essential for Cyber Security?
Seven Vetsch, Partner / Head of Innovation & Development at Redguard The Future of Hybrid AI: Combining Local and Cloud-Based Models for Cybersecurity
Beat B├╝sser, Senior Research Scientist at IBM Research Security of LLMs: Towards Detecting, Proving and Preventing Attacks
Martina Arioli, Attorney-at-law at Arioli Law AI and Legal Implications